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7º ano Inglês

Inglês - 7.º e 8.º anos - Meet the capital of technology
Estudo em Casa

Can you introduce yourself?| Aula 1

Can you identify the countries and nationalities?| Aula 2

Can you identify the family ties?| Aula 3

What about your family?| Aula 4

Have you got any pets?| Aula 5

Are you fond of animals?| Aula 6

Can you describe someone?| Aula 7

New times, new looks…What has changed?| Aula 8

Do looks matter? Modal verbs: must, mustn´t and have to| Aula 9

What are you wearing today? Clothes and materials| Aula 10

Do you have a dressing style? Clothes and styles| Aula 11

Which style do you prefer? Order of adjectives| Aula 12

How important are brands in your life? Connectors| Aula 13

The importance of brands: project work| Aula 14

Personality| Aula 15

Personality traits| Aula 16

Free time activities| Aula 17

Sports and entertainment| Aula 18

Sports and lifestyle| Aula 19

Being active| Aula 20

Healthy eating. Countable and uncountable nouns| Aula 21

Healthy choices| Aula 22

Eating disorders| Aula 23

Healthy lifestyles| Aula 24

Healthy lifestyles| Aula 25

Living healthy| Aula 26

Life at school| Aula 27

What´s your favourite subject?| Aula 28

Connecting with school| Aula 29

Making school a better place| Aula 30

What´s your favourite type of house?| Aula 31

Home, sweet home| Aula 32

Objects around the house.| Aula 33

Useful objects.| Aula 34

Daily routine| Aula 35

What do you do every day?| Aula 36

Do you help at home?| Aula 37

Household chores to do every day| Aula 38

Technological revolution| Aula 39

Can you imagine a world without techology?| Aula 40

Social Media| Aula 41

Print or online?| Aula 42

The setbacks of technology| Aula 43

The dangers of technology| Aula 44

Addiction to gaming| Aula 45

Meet the capital of technology| Aula 46

Life in the city| Aula 47

Moving around the city| Aula 48

Portuguese people around the world| Aula 49

How do I get to…?| Aula 50

At the restaurant| Aula 51

Food tastes and textures| Aula 52

Food and eating habits around the world| Aula 53

Having fun outdoors| Aula 54

Past and present| Aula 55

Now and then| Aula 56

Homeschooling| Aula 57

Schools around the world.| Aula 58

Going on holidays.| Aula 59

Planning a summer holiday| Aula 60

Types of accommodation| Aula 61

Let´s go camping!| Aula 62

Holidays on a cruise| Aula 63

Discovering places by train| Aula 64

Visiting Germany| Aula 65